The system must be installed and configured before you can use Distriblend to render your scenes.


Once you have downloaded the latest release, simply extract the file into a suitable directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Distriblend). You should then have the following directory structure:

    |-- Client
    |     |-- client.jar
    |     |-- Readme.txt
    |-- Distributor
    |     |-- distributor.jar
    |     |-- Readme.txt
    |-- Node
    |     |-- node.jar
    |     |-- Readme.txt
    |-- Change Log.txt
    |-- Getting Started.txt
    |-- License.txt
    |-- Readme.txt

The Getting Started.txt file will help you to configure the system. The *.jar files are executable and on most platforms will run simply by double-clicking.


Since version 1.2, the system is configured by a wizard. Prior to this release, see the corresponding Readme.txt files for more information.

Step 1: Distributor Configuration

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